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Gibson's 'Passion' Voted Favorite Movie of 2004
Mar 17Zap2It
Churches low-key on toned-down 'Passion'
  Some theaters have policies against showing unrated films and have refused to screen this one. But most of the larger chains have made an exception.

"Many times people feel an unrated film is going to be more extreme. This is a little bit tricky because it's really the opposite of that," Berney says. "But the film is still very, very intense."
Mar 10USA Today
The return of 'The Passion'
Mar 10CNN.com
Shorter Version of 'The Passion' to Open
Mar 9New York Newsday
A less graphic Passion'
  "The end result is a shift in tone and balance that makes the film more accessible to a wider audience, particularly those that had concerns about some of the extreme moments in the original version," Berney said.
Mar 5Corvallis Gazette Times
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 Response Of The DayFebruary 11
From: Therese Heckenkamp, Female, 22Send to a friend!   Printer View
Occupation/Vocation:  Author
Website: www.PastSuspicion.com
Location: WI, United States
Date: April 9, 2004 9:14 pm
Take courage, watch The Passion

Mel Gibson's masterful rendering of The Passion of the Christ is not a popcorn movie. Try tossing fluffy kernels into your mouth, and your hand will freeze midway. Your mouth won't close. Your teeth won't chew. Your throat won't swallow. The very light and airy nature of this typical movie-going snack cannot compete with the gritty substance of The Passion.

By no means a "feel good" movie, The Passion nonetheless makes you feel—in a most powerful way which works for good. Troubles in your own life shrink in proportion as you focus on the One who redeemed us, who shed His innocent blood to pay our colossal debt—a debt which too many of us are ignorant of. Now that Gibson has brought Christ's passion to life so that we may experience the ultimate, sacrificial death (in the convenient space of a mere two hours), those who wish to avoid the film's impact rationalize their stance by saying the film is too graphic. Yet difficult as it is to watch, this is a film to be received with reverence, wonder, and thankfulness. Gibson should be commended for his courage to show it like it was, in all its dark and grisly details. Moreover, his having made such a movie available to the world is a stunning accomplishment in itself. Modern media has been used in ways so horrendously harmful to faith and morals, that it is bittersweet justice to see this movie used as a tool of God.

The Passion is an intense paradox of divine proportions. How can a movie so graphically disturbing be refreshing and encouraging? The fact that it is so disturbing tells us something. In our own thoughts of Christ's life, we all too easily breeze by the painful parts, or else sugar-coat them so that they're palatable. But in doing this, we're in danger of minimizing the greatest act of love. How can we ponder upon the way Christ brings so much goodness out of evil if we refuse to recognize the evil? Christ assures us as He labors under the weight of the cross, "I make all things new." This applies not only to His mutilated body, but to our sin-stained souls.

Only by moving past personal prejudices to realize Gibson doesn't mean this film to be a celebration of gore, but as a means to expose the very vile nature of sin, can the viewer hope to understand why such suffering is essential. During the scourging, the soldiers delight in the spray of blood, the way many of us delight in our sins, failing to see their truly foul nature. Likewise, our moral carelessness is contrasted to Mary's tender, meticulous devotion as she mops up her Son's precious blood. As the movie progresses, every gruesome act is balanced by remarkable moments of mercy and love, such as Christ embracing the cross, Veronica wiping His face, and Mary kissing her Son's bloody feet. We respond not only to the sorrow, but to the goodness, truth, and courage. If Christ can bear all this for us, His love knows no bounds. Faith is bolstered, hope is enkindled, and life takes on new meaning.

As "Catholic" means "universal," so is this film. While working on multiple levels, it speaks to us all, no matter that the language is foreign. The subtitles, far from being distracting, appear naturally, while the use of Aramaic and Latin increase the sense of historical authenticity. What viewer could sit through this heart-wrenching drama unmoved? Voice tone, facial expressions, and actions all speak to the heart with a universal language of love, pain, and forgiveness. Ruthless acts are interspersed with skillful flashback scenes of touching proportions. The relationship of Mary and Jesus brings home to us a very human, personal aspect.

"It's just too disturbing," people still protest as an excuse to avoid the experience that may force them to alter their lives. We're fortunate Christ didn't take such an outlook when it came to saving us, for it's due to this extremely disturbing nature that forgiveness was merited and the gates of heaven were opened to us. At Christ's death, this realization is what makes the devil unleash his hellish shriek. If Christ had the courage to carry the cross and die for us, surely we can find the courage to sit back in cushy seats and behold this courage. Christ suffered excruciatingly; the least we can do is make ourselves aware of it. In this way, perhaps we can begin to appreciate just how much He suffered.

It is an understatement to say that The Passion demands your full attention. Christ endures such severe savagery from the soldiers; indeed, He invites more torture by his unwavering submission to the will of His father. Your eyes remain riveted to the screen, though forced to avert their gaze at particularly excruciating moments. Unlike the devil's unyielding black eyes, we don't delight in these brutal images. The goodness in us flinches at every whiplash. So powerful are the images portrayed—such as the sweating of blood in the garden of Gethsemane, the horrifying scourging, the forcing on of the crown of thorns—that those who have never meditated—indeed, who barely know the meaning of the word—will find themselves doing so; while others who have attempted this contemplative form of prayer will discover just how far short they have fallen from envisioning the real passion.

Conditioned by the world to avoid pain, it is all to easy to flit over Christ's sufferings briefly, even casually, as we minimize them in our imagination. This movie changes that. Faced with the stark, soul-shaking reality, one must embrace it, lest he flee like Judas, driven to despair. Only by embracing the truth can one discover the depths of supernatural beauty and love concealed in Christ's sufferings. You find yourself thinking, Christ did so much, suffered so much for me . . . What can I do for him? In contrast to the worldly attitude of, "What can I get?", the viewer now asks, "What can I give?" Like Simon who was forced to help carry the cross, we may protest at first. But then, having come so close to Christ, a holy allegiance is formed so that we will endure anything for Him—because we are with Him, and He gives us strength. And when the journey is accomplished, we do not want to leave Christ's side.

Yes, The Passion is a disturbing movie, but in a most beneficial way. It rocks mellow Christians out of a comfort zone of passive, sketchy views of the passion. So skip the popcorn, take courage, and watch The Passion. If you can bear it, you will be rewarded with the final triumph—made all the more triumphant because it is not final at all, but a glorious victory for all eternity.

The film ends, but it is not the end. Christ offers this triumph of salvation to us all—if we'll only pick up our cross and follow Him.

Therese Heckenkamp, a traditional Catholic, is the 22-year-old author of Past Suspicion, a suspense novel with a Christian slant. Her other writing credits can be found on www.pastsuspicion.com.

Prayer requests 

Please pray for Ebony and Thomas

June 2, 2004
I would like to ask that you all pray for me, my family and most importantly, my husband Thomas. I have been struggling to do the right things since I have been saved and the devil has really been trying to destroy me and my happiness. Please pray for me. Me and my husband are newlyweds. Sometimes times can be really trying for us and the devil is always at work. Also, my husband is in the military (Navy) so that also puts a strain on our relationship but we are holding it together. He is being deployed in a week and he will be gone for 6 months. We both don't want him to or be without each other but of course, he has to do his job. I ask that you pray for his safety and strength and mine as well. Pray that he returns home safely. I stay in a place where I am alone, I have no family here so I will be alone while he's gone. PLEASE KEEP US IN YOUR PRAYERS!

Also pray for our mothers who are both bound by drugs. We need them for support and we really don't have them to help us because they need us more than we need them. Pray for our siblings and the rest of our family as well.

From Teri

May 18, 2004
I have a few.
1. I had an ear infection that has caused inner ear damage, and I may have this hearing loss, and plugged up feeling forever, OR God can heal me~I am a 49 yr. old woman named Teri. I also just found out I have osteoporosis, and running tests because my feet swell up, burn and turn red and painful to walk!

2. My younger brother, Robb, is a LtCol in the Marines, and is currently fighting in Iraq. Please pray for his safety,and for all of our soldiers and their families.

3. Please pray for my 2 married children (Ryan & Tosha) and their families, that they live their lives for Christ, and that God meet their needs.

4. Pray for my precious husband, Jay, that God heals him of ALL addictions, and that our story be a tremendous testimony giving hope to everyone that hears it. May he stay clean and sober for the rest of his life, and may God deliver us from all of our problems: financial, spiritual, and physical.

Thank-you and God bless~


May 4, 2004
My Sisters & Brothers In CHRIST: I am desperately in need of prayer for a job & a (1) bedroom apt. I graduated from school as a medical biller/coder ICD9-CPT4 Medical Manager, but I have not been able to find employment. Without a decent job you can not expect to find suitable housing. I'm presently living in a rooming house, & I am very unhappy with this situation. Please can anyone help?

Pray for Julie who has cancer
May 3, 2004
I am a young mom of four children who was just diagnosed with invasive breast cancer that has spread to my lymph nodes. We do not yet know if it has spread anywhere else. My prayer request is that the cancer has not and will not spread anywhere else and that the chemotherapy I begin this week be effective in shrinking the tumors for eventual surgery. I also pray that I be healed and find God's purpose in my life. Thank you!

Pray for Richard's father

His father has terminal lung cancer. He has drawn very close to God, but he probably only has days left in this world.

Please Pray for Jen
April 26, 2004
My daughter just received the news that her friend Jen's fiance was killed in a motorcycle accident this afternoon. He left behind his mother, father, brothers/sisters and Jen and their baby boy. Jen doesn't live around here and she has no immediate family near her. Please pray for Jen and her fiance's family for the strength they will need to face this. And please pray for my daughter. You see, four years ago my daughter's fiance was killed in an automobile accident and she has been raising their daughter. She told me when Jen told her the news, it brought back all the memories and feelings she had when she was told the news four years ago. She said to Jen, "Do you want me to come to you? I know what you are going through. Everyone will say that they know. But Jen, I do know." Please pray for these two young women. Pray that the Lord will comfort both of them, especially Jen. And that He will hold Jen and her fiance's family close to His heart.

Pray for a job
April 27, 2004
Would anyone be so kind to pray for me that if it is Gods willing, that I get this job in the Cath unit at the hospital. I went on my 2nd interview and it went well. There are 2 more people that are up for the job also. I am married and been struggling for quite some time. I pray I get this job to better me and my family. please pray for me.. Rick

Hospitalized son
April 17, 2004
I have not had a chance to see the movie because my son is at St Judes Childrens Research Hospital where he has under gone a bone marrow transplant. He was suffering from T cell lukemia. He is doing very well. Please pray for us that he continues to do good and stay healthy. Also please pray for all the children of St Jude and their families. St Jude is a wonderful place and I thank God for it everyday. My family has had to be separated through this ordeal which makes it harder to go through. My husband and other son are back in Florida. We see each other when we can. Hopefully we will get to go home next month or in June. One of the things I have learned through this is how important your family is. I plan on seeing this movie with my husband and both of my children when we are able to. When I get upset about everything that we have had to go through I remind myself that there is always someone worse off than you. I thank God that we have found the help for my son. His name is Brylee by the way. My 7 year old,bless his heart,was the donor. So with his bone marrow and Gods help I pray that my son will be alright. God Bless and thank you.

Update on Frank R:

Frank R. passed away due to hepatitis, acquired from a restaurant epidemic. Please pray for his soul and for his family and friends.
Please ask your family and friends to pray also.
Thank you all and God Bless.

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